WeBWork is an online testing platform developed by the Mathematical Association of America. It provides excellent tools to develop complex, equation-based online questions and deploy them within the Canvas system. There are online libraries of free WeBWorK problems (Math and Engineering).

Uses and Benefits

  • Delivers individualized homework problems
  • Gives students instant feedback
  • Instructors receive real-time statistics

GitHub Library of WeBWorK Problems

The process to copy files from the website is as follows:

  1. Go to the GitHub UBC Folder.
  2. Open the PG file (which houses the text of the problem) of your choice.
  3. Check to see what image files are necessary for the problem. They will be denoted with an “@” in the line of code. If there are no image files present in the code (i.e. PNG, JPG, etc.), then skip to step 11.
  4. Go back to the outer folder, find the necessary image files, and click “Download“.

    [Figure 1]
  5. Go to WeBWork. Click on the “File Manager” icon in the left hand column. [Figure 1]
  6. Ensure you are importing to the correct course in the top drop-down menu. [Figure 1]
  7. Click “Choose File” at the bottom of the page. [Figure 1]
  8. Select an image file you downloaded from GitHub. [Figure 1]
  9. Click “Upload“. [Figure 1]
  10. Repeat for all image files you downloaded.
  11. Go back to GitHub. Find the PG file you are interested in, and select & copy the entire contents.

    [Figure 2]
  12. Go back to WeBWork. Click on “Hmwk Sets Editor” in the left hand sidebar. [Figure 2]
  13. Under the “Edit Problems” column, click on the row in which you would like to add your newly copied GitHub text. [Figure 2]

    [Figure 3]
  14. At the bottom of the page, click on the check box that says “Add __ blank problem template(s) to the end of the homework set” and put the number “1” in the blank box. [Figure 3]
  15. Click “Save Changes“. [Figure 3]
  16. In the new problem you just created, click on the “Edit” icon. [Figure 3]

    [Figure 4]
  17. Select all of the text and delete. Paste the new text that you copied earlier from GitHub’s PG file. [Figure 4]
  18. At the bottom of the page, click “NewVersion” and give your file a new name. Check to make sure it will be categorized in the corresponding correct folder, then click the blue “Take Action!” button to save your work. You’re all done! Repeat the process for all problems you would like to duplicate from GitHub. [Figure 4]