Canvas Quizzes for Exams

Why use Canvas Quiz tool for finals?

Canvas has great options and functionalities for quiz creation and proctoring tools for online exams.

 - Create Quiz
 - Set Options for the Quiz
 - Add questions
 - Publish the quiz
 - Add accessibility requirements
 - Add securely proctored option
 - Add "Pre Quiz Required Set up (Remotely Proctored)"
 - Add "Pledge"
 - Add the "Final Quiz" link to your Canvas home page.

If this is first time you are attempting to create the Quiz, please let us help you and make it for you. To ensure the success of your exam, send an email to

 - In your Canvas course, go to Quizzes in the left menu.
 - Click the “+ Quiz” on top right side of the screen.
 - Select “Classic Quizzes” and Submit.
 - Follow the instructions on the screens following your options.
 - Set the Quiz options and save then ready to add questions.
 - Once you added the questions then publish the quiz.
 - Add module for the quiz.
 - Create a link to the Quiz in Canvas home page.

You can add your own questions to your quizzes. You can create various types of quiz questions.

You can create a question for students that requires a file upload and can be used for PDFs, images, audio files, video files, etc. This question type requires manual grading and accepts one file per question.

You can create a quiz using a question group. Question groups allow you to place multiple questions within a group for students to answer. You can choose the number of questions that should be answered from the group and how many points to assign each question. Creating a question group randomizes questions within a quiz.

In the question type drop-down menu, you can create the following types of quiz questions:

Multiple Choice




Multiple Answers

Multiple Drop-down (can be used for Likert scale)


Numerical Answer

Formula (simple formula and single variable)


File Upload

When you create a quiz, you have a variety of options to choose from within a quiz.
Since you are creating the Final Exam Quiz, we recommend choose the setting carefully and not to release any results or answers to students after they submit the quiz.

We can make the Quiz and set it up, send us the following:
 - Teacher version of the final quiz
 - Marks for each question.

We will set it up.

“Pre Quiz Required Set up (Remotely Proctored)”
“Final Quiz”

More questions about the Quiz setup, send an email to
CIS is here to help.