Why you should use Proctorio!

Proctorio is a service that wraps around a Canvas quizzes that addresses some of the academic integrity concerns with online testing. Proctorio does create some “Big Brother is Watching” tension for some people. There are a few things to consider to better understand why it is important to use it. Yes, Proctorio can collect webcam video and audio from the student’s computer, but that information is encrypted at the student’s computer before being sent to Canadain servers. Only instructors and TA’s with appropriate UBC Canvas access can view recordings. Not that people actually look at this video much, mostly Proctorio AI watches the video and audio and flags actions that are different from the aggregate others in the class.  These flagged anomalies can then be reviewed by the faculty member.

The trouble with not using Proctorio is we can make exams easier to cheat and collude on. This unfairly targets honest students that don’t cheat and students with small or no social circles of people will have fewer people to potentially cheat with – which puts them at a disadvantage when compared to cheaters. 

Most Students like measures that reduce cheating and level the playing field.

At a minimum, use Proctorio to lock down students’ web browsers – you can always choose not to collect video or audio.

Updates on Recent Use: The students that have completed Proctorio enabled mid-terms in the last week have not made complaints about the process. We have had some issues with slower connections and students without webcams.

To address the webcam issues there are a few options:

  1. We can have multiple versions of exams with different Proctorio settings intensities. With strict instructor controls on which select few students without webcams that can access a Proctorio exam without that webcam requirement.
  2. A faculty member in ECE has suggested: “If a faculty member decides to have the online final exam using Canvas Quizzes with Proctorio enabled and webcam on, then it is the responsibility of the student to make sure that his/her computer being used for the online final exam meets all the requirements (i.e., with Google Chrome, has built-in webcam).  For those students that do not have computers that meet all the requirements, then they need to complete an academic concession form and may participate in the final exam in person either in July or December.”