Fall 2020 Exam Delivery Advice

The transition to online examinations has had some challenges. Pencil and Paper calculation exams that are the mainstay of many final exams have been difficult to recreate online. We have solutions to some of these challenges, but now have additional challenges like how to ensure the integrity of online exams and make sure all students are treated fairly. 

The first decision is whether to use a Proctored or Un-Protored Environment. We will go over how to use the Quiz Tool in Canvas and discuss different approaches to handwritten examinations. But the choice is ultimately yours since you know your context and students better. We can’t perfectly control students even in the Proctored environment (it is better but not perfect). As a result, you should consider adjusting the way students earn grades in your course.  Better to have many smaller opportunities, rather than one giant final exams worth most of the marks.