Student Zoom/LockDown Help FAQ

During LockDown session it is not possible to communicate with help desks. You can contact the helpdesks before going into LockDown. The LockDown disables your computer ability to text and email.

Getting Started

  1. Download LockDown Browser and install on your computer
  2. Open LockDown Browser App. It may ask to close other applications when opening - allow it to close other applications
  3. CWL login screen appears enter CWL credentials and do double authentication
  4. This will take you to your Canvas Dashboard. Navigate to course with Exam, navigate to Exam Quiz, select Start Quiz
  5. Exam Quiz will load, your instructor may have added a few clickable links to specific allowed domains in quiz instructions. Clicking on these links will spawn a separate TAB for each allowed external web site (Zoom, help pages, etc.). The order is important here - you don't go to Zoom first, you open Zoom from within the LockDown Browser. Student can then easily switch between TABs within the LockDown Browser environment.
  6. Students can also navigate to Zoom TAB and use private chat to ask instructor questions.

Practice Quizzes

A practice quiz can be left open for many days so students can complete the practice quiz at their convenience. if your instructor offers a practice quiz, we highly recommend that you make the effort to participate. Completing a practice quiz will ensure that you have the Lockdown Browser application - downloaded and properly installed and have gone through LockDown Browser quiz start procedures. This will also give you time to contact help desks if practice quiz doesn't work for you.

Reduce your stress on Exam day by completing a test run with the practice LockDown Browser quiz.


Issues During LockDown Session

Student can use Zoom chat to privately message the instructor.  Chat Settings are set to "Participants Can Chat With: Host only

If your connection drops, once it reconnects it will have no affect on LockDown Browser session. Canvas will complain there’s no internet and as a result won’t save the portion of the exam completed during the outage. Once you reconnect to the internet you can continue as normal and submit your exam.

When the Internet is out, if you try to submit the quiz you will get an error message. You will you likely need to quit out of LockDown Browser, restart LockDown Browser and resume the exam again when internet is restored (you don’t get locked out of it),  only the progress made after losing internet connection will be lost.

As for sudden shutdowns, students can resume the exam, and LDB in Canvas will log the early exit as shown in the screenshot below:

Students can use private chat in Zoom window to notify instructor when they are leaving and when they return.

It will be important to document as much as you can - note times - onset and duration of problems, record error messages, take screen shots, and if all else fails contact the instructor with your phone (so it is worth bookmark their email address before exam day).