Connect Overview and FAQs

The CIS staff are happy to provide:

    • Connect support requests for the Faculty of Applied Science
    • Workshops and training sessions for faculty and instructional staff
    • Pedagogical advising for team-based learning and special projects through Connect

For advanced Connect users, we have developed tools which modify certain aspects of Connect’s Grade Center and Adaptive Release System for more efficient instructor browsing and access.

For issues with your email account and other technical concerns, please contact the IT Services Help Desk.

Support Requests

Please submit new support requests through our website or by emailing us.

Connect Support Drop-In

Please send us an email ( to schedule a one-on-one session.



UBC Wiki Information

What is it?

Above is an example of the MyUBC page within Connect. (Click to enlarge)

Connect is UBC's online Learning Management System (LMS) powered by the Blackboard Learn 9.1 platform. It is used to support classroom, blended, and fully online learning. Features include, but are not limited to:

  • Intuitive interface that is easily customizable using drag and drop capabilities
  • Communication features that enable instructors and students to reach each other
  • Opportunities to student engagement and collaboration through wikis, gradable blogs and gradable rubrics
  • Notification dashboards to keep both students and instructors informed of progress on assigned tasks and a customizable early warning system to identify at risk students
  • Opportunities for sharing and linking external online resources to facilitate further exploration
  • Content capabilities that make it easy to tag, reuse, share and edit digital content in the course environment
  • Efficient grading for instructors with gradable rubrics, needs grading alerts and customizable views into the new powerful grade centre

UBC Connect is currently powered by Bb Learn 9.1.2014.

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Uses and Benefits

Want to expand your classroom, engage your students and enhance learning? Connect offers many useful features.

Watch the video below to learn about Connect:

Intuitive Interface

Connect has an intuitive interface that can be easily customized.

  • Drag and drop items you've added in your course's content areas.
  • Provide feedback and comments while reviewing your students' work in blogs, journals, discussions and wikis without going into the Grade Center.
  • Choose from over 50 themes to give each course a unique look.
  • Copy courses forward from term to term, saving setup time.

Share Course Content

Connect makes sharing course content easy.

  • Files (such as a course syllabus) can be uploaded and organized into Connect course shells. Content can also be created within courses using a full "What You See Is What You Get" HTML editor.
  • Web links to external content can be added. Resources from YouTube, SlideShare, and Kaltura can be embedded directly using the Mashups tool.

Communication Tools

Connect has a wide variety of tools to enhance communication within a course.

  • The Announcements tool can be used to post or email time-sensitive information, helping ensure it is read quickly.
  • The Discussions tool provides a space for asynchronous discussions with other members of a course or group.
  • The Send Email tool can send messages to external email addresses. Alternatively, the Messages tool sends internal messages accessible only within the course.
  • Piazza is a questions and answers forum integrated with Connect.

Collaboration Tools

Connect has tools to enable and enhance collaboration.

  • Groups can be created for collaborative work on projects or assignments.
  • Blogs can be set up for individuals, groups, or the entire course. Instructors can choose between the blogs tool in Connect or utilize UBC Blogs with a seamless link.
  • Journals can be used as a reflective space for instructor and student to communicate.
  • Wikis provide a way to share and collaborate.

Efficient Grading

Connect can be used to streamline the process of grading assignments, providing feedback, and calculating marks.

  • The Assignments tool is a space to share instructions, collect submissions, and enforce due dates.
  • The Grade Center provides an interface for downloading submissions, providing feedback, assigning a mark, and returning files.
  • Calculated Columns can calculate even the most complex grading schemes.
  • The Needs Grading tool filters submissions to just the assignments or activities you still need to grade.
  • Custom Rubrics can be used to grade assignments or activities and share achievement levels with students.
  • Smart Views can create custom views in the Grade Center, focusing only on the information you need.
  • The Performance Dashboard provides up-to-date statistics about course participation and engagement.

Notifications Dashboard

An example of a Notifications Dashboard. (Click to enlarge)

Notifications Dashboards keeps students and instructors updated on due dates, progress on tasks, and new activity and information.

  • Instructors and students alike can customize their notifications dashboard to display only relevant information.


Other universities are also using the Blackboard Learn platform for their online and blended courses.

The following are video tours of courses chosen to be a part of the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program whose goal is to identify and share best practices for designing online courses.

Although these courses might look different or use tools not available at UBC, they can help you visualize what to expect as well as inspire you on how to design your course.

Get Started

If you are new to Connect, see the resources in the page to become familiar with Connect.

CTLT also offers Connect workshops for faculties and staff who are new to Connect. Please visit the Connect Institute series at


From UBC

Professional Development


Connect Institute

Register at for the ongoing Connect Institute sessions

Drop-ins Sessions
  • Instructors
    9:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Fraser River Room, IKBLC 2.27 (Inside CTLT's 2nd Floor Office)
    Phone: 604.827.1547


CTL Connect Workshops

Visit to register for ongoing Connect workshops offered by the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Drop-ins Sessions
  • Faculty, Instructors, and Teaching Assistants
    2:30PM - 4:00PM, Tuesdays, SCI200, Centre for Teaching and Learning, Science Bldg

From Blackboard


  • Ask students to update their emails in the Student Service Centre (SSC) in order to get course notifications and warnings. See Update Your Email in the SSC.
  • Create low-impact practice activities for students to get them familiarized with the new system.
  • Add the My Grades tool link to the left-hand side course menu in order to let students see their grades. See How to Create a Tool Link.